The Power of Your “YES”

While our first instinct in life is to say “no” to things we are uncertain about, negativity shuts down collaboration and opportunity. “Yes”,on the other hand, opens up the doors to innovation and creativity.  

The power of “yes” opens up doors to our inward desire to become successful in life.  It yields the floor to something bigger than we have ever experienced.  It also allows us to explore new ideas and embrace relationships and experiences that we would have missed by saying “no”.  


When you say “yes” to new opportunities you are giving yourself permission to be “great “!

“Yes”, simply means that I approve the message that preceded it.  

Are you capable of doing this job?   Yes. 

Are you willing to  take on this new project?    Yes. 

Are you willing to go into agreement with me on this matter?   Yes.  

Are you willing to pay the price?   Yes.  

When you tell someone or something “Yes”,   you validate it or them.  In order for you to be successful in anything you have to come into agreement with yourself.  You have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are able to fulfill  the goal or mission, this means that you are in tune with your strengths and weaknesses.  

Gallup research says that you must pay attention to your strengths , not your weaknesses.  You must apply all energy towards nurturing your strength.   You can always partner with someone that has your weakness as a strength when you need that expertise.  

That is what teamwork is all about.  Everyone cannot be the “point guard”, but you need the small forward and the center to help you go straight to the hole and score.   We need someone who is willing to take that hard foul for us.  We need someone to run interference for us when we are trying to score that touch down.  Here I used two different sports to show an analogy of operating in your strengths and partnering with others that have your weaknesses as their strength. 

Don’t let fear prevent you from walking into your “purpose” or your “zone”.   Don’t let the bumps in the road cause you to change your path.  Those bumps are just speed bumps that prevent you from moving to fast.  Sometimes we have to slow down to avoid crashes and burn outs along life’s journey.  Stay the pace and eventually you will obtain the prize.  

Let’s continue the road to our financial “GlowUp”. 





wanda bowman