Money is "Not" the Root of Evil



No. Money is not the root of all evil. There are three words that make it the root of evil that is “The love of.....,”.  Having money does not make one evil. There is a saying that “money does not make you happy”.  Although, this may be true, the lack of money can make your life miserable. You see, money is a resource that is needed to navigate through life. We need it to carry out our every day transactions in life. But yet many of us have not tapped into the full utility that money has. Managing our money effectively not only enables us to meet our current needs, but it also can secure our future needs.

We make money choices every day.

As we take control of our spending and make wise decisions on purchases we will begin to see ways in which to reduce spending so that we can allocate more towards our future by putting it into short term savings for emergencies and long term savings for our retirement.

Life lesson for today:

Before you make that next purchase, ask your self 3 questions:

  1.  Why do I want this item?
  2.  Does this purchase increase my net worth or take away from it?
  3.  If it takes away from it, is it a need or a want?

Once we understand the difference between a need or a want we will begin our journey to our financial independence.

Are you ready?


#Lets Glow Up!

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