Confidence Speaks Volumes


Confidence means being secure in who you are, what your mission is and knowing why you should do it.


It means knowing that the outcome of any situation will be a learning experience that will catapult you to your next dimension, because when you know your purpose and operate within it's guidelines, God will bring it to pass.

Confidence also means letting yourself be vulnerable enough to admit that you don't know something and being willing to admit that you might not have all the answers, but that you are willing to be open to seek out answers.

It means being prepared for the  task and also having the  right tools in your tool box.

Being prepared means bringing your "A" game to the room.

You may not be the most qualified but you have enough knowledge and information to get you into the  door and the "passion" to gain the necessary knowledge you need to "stay" in the room.

Confidence means being willing to take the "calculated" risks and "trust the process"

For the Lord, shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken. Proverbs 3:26

#Lets Glow Up!


wanda bowman