The Habit of Saving

Hi All!


Let's start this year out right with developing a habit that will assure that you have financial independence in your life.    It's so simple to start, even if you just save a dollar a day.  Developing a saving habit allows you to be in control of  your money, instead of it controlling you.

Napoleon Hill in  his book the  "Law of Success", states that developing the habit of saving will teach you how to distribute your income systematically so that a definite percentage of it will steadily accumulate, thus forming one of the greatest known sources of personal power.  No one may succeed in life without saving money"!

Let's do this:  For the next 30 days, try to save a minimum of $25 a week.  You can have it  automatically  deducted from your paycheck through payroll deduction, or get a container in your home and put a minimum of $25 in it, do not remove it (act as if it isn't there).  In fact, keep it in an out of sight area, like a closet or drawer so that you  are not tempted to make a withdrawal.

Let me know how you did and then let's increase it for the next 30 days.  I can't wait to hear your success story.   Remember our  goal in 2018 is to #Glowup.

wanda bowman