Everyone Is Your Customer

It doesn't matter whether or not you are employed or unemployed, everyone that you  interact with is  your customer.   It is our obligation to provide excellent customer service to  our customers.  From the CEO to the doorman, from the pulpit to the usher at the door, it is important that you  give people your "best you".  We were put on earth, to be fruitful and multiply and in order to do so we must treat our customers with dignity and respect.  If you are the boss, your employees are your customers, and you must engage with them on a level of integrity and honesty.   If you operate in excellence, you will reap a reward of repeat customers.  Your staff-turnover for your company will be low, your calendar will be full of repeat customers, because great service is always rewarded by repeat customers.

Let's #GlowUp

wanda bowman