The Power of Your “YES”

While our first instinct in life is to say “no” to things we are uncertain about, negativity shuts down collaboration and opportunity. “Yes”,on the other hand, opens up the doors to innovation and creativity.  

The power of “yes” opens up doors to our inward desire to become successful in life.  It yields the floor to something bigger than we have ever experienced.  It also allows us to explore new ideas and embrace relationships and experiences that we would have missed by saying “no”.  


When you say “yes” to new opportunities you are giving yourself permission to be “great “!

“Yes”, simply means that I approve the message that preceded it.  

Are you capable of doing this job?   Yes. 

Are you willing to  take on this new project?    Yes. 

Are you willing to go into agreement with me on this matter?   Yes.  

Are you willing to pay the price?   Yes.  

When you tell someone or something “Yes”,   you validate it or them.  In order for you to be successful in anything you have to come into agreement with yourself.  You have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are able to fulfill  the goal or mission, this means that you are in tune with your strengths and weaknesses.  

Gallup research says that you must pay attention to your strengths , not your weaknesses.  You must apply all energy towards nurturing your strength.   You can always partner with someone that has your weakness as a strength when you need that expertise.  

That is what teamwork is all about.  Everyone cannot be the “point guard”, but you need the small forward and the center to help you go straight to the hole and score.   We need someone who is willing to take that hard foul for us.  We need someone to run interference for us when we are trying to score that touch down.  Here I used two different sports to show an analogy of operating in your strengths and partnering with others that have your weaknesses as their strength. 

Don’t let fear prevent you from walking into your “purpose” or your “zone”.   Don’t let the bumps in the road cause you to change your path.  Those bumps are just speed bumps that prevent you from moving to fast.  Sometimes we have to slow down to avoid crashes and burn outs along life’s journey.  Stay the pace and eventually you will obtain the prize.  

Let’s continue the road to our financial “GlowUp”. 





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What is a Budget?   A budget is simply a plan of operation.

If you're tired of experiencing the same ole regrets and disappointments about where you are financially in life, now is the time to act!

If you want to "secure the bag", you must have a plan.

Stop standing on the sidelines admiring others.  It's time to get your stuff tight!  We've got to put a plan in action.

There is a saying, "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail."  

If you have plans for becoming financially independent and experiencing the bliss of financial freedom, you must have a plan.  I will call it a Budget.

A budget is simply a guide, or plan that tells you the direction you're going.  You may have goals or dreams, but if you don't have a guideline or a plan to get there, you are just throwing seeds in the wind.

You can use a plan for short term goals or long term goals, whichever it may be.  However, if you don't have a plan, then the road to achieving your goal will be difficult.

A budget lets you control your money instead of money controlling you.

Here are five (5) ways a budget will improve your financial position:

  •  Gives you control of where your money is going.

  •  Tells you whether you are living within your means.

  • Keeps you focused on your money goals.

  • Helps you organize spending by dividing it into categories, such as needs vs wants.

  • Helps you determine how much debt you are in and how you can reduce it.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin to feel the sense of confidence about your finances.

#Let's Glowup







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Money is "Not" the Root of Evil


No. Money is not the root of all evil. There are three words that make it the root of evil that is “The love of.....,”.  Having money does not make one evil. There is a saying that “money does not make you happy”.  Although, this may be true, the lack of money can make your life miserable. You see, money is a resource that is needed to navigate through life. We need it to carry out our every day transactions in life. But yet many of us have not tapped into the full utility that money has. Managing our money effectively not only enables us to meet our current needs, but it also can secure our future needs.

We make money choices every day.

As we take control of our spending and make wise decisions on purchases we will begin to see ways in which to reduce spending so that we can allocate more towards our future by putting it into short term savings for emergencies and long term savings for our retirement.

Life lesson for today:

Before you make that next purchase, ask your self 3 questions:

  1.  Why do I want this item?
  2.  Does this purchase increase my net worth or take away from it?
  3.  If it takes away from it, is it a need or a want?

Once we understand the difference between a need or a want we will begin our journey to our financial independence.

Are you ready?


#Lets Glow Up!

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Confidence Speaks Volumes


Confidence means being secure in who you are, what your mission is and knowing why you should do it.


It means knowing that the outcome of any situation will be a learning experience that will catapult you to your next dimension, because when you know your purpose and operate within it's guidelines, God will bring it to pass.

Confidence also means letting yourself be vulnerable enough to admit that you don't know something and being willing to admit that you might not have all the answers, but that you are willing to be open to seek out answers.

It means being prepared for the  task and also having the  right tools in your tool box.

Being prepared means bringing your "A" game to the room.

You may not be the most qualified but you have enough knowledge and information to get you into the  door and the "passion" to gain the necessary knowledge you need to "stay" in the room.

Confidence means being willing to take the "calculated" risks and "trust the process"

For the Lord, shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken. Proverbs 3:26

#Lets Glow Up!


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Everyone Is Your Customer

It doesn't matter whether or not you are employed or unemployed, everyone that you  interact with is  your customer.   It is our obligation to provide excellent customer service to  our customers.  From the CEO to the doorman, from the pulpit to the usher at the door, it is important that you  give people your "best you".  We were put on earth, to be fruitful and multiply and in order to do so we must treat our customers with dignity and respect.  If you are the boss, your employees are your customers, and you must engage with them on a level of integrity and honesty.   If you operate in excellence, you will reap a reward of repeat customers.  Your staff-turnover for your company will be low, your calendar will be full of repeat customers, because great service is always rewarded by repeat customers.

Let's #GlowUp

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Expand your Imagination

You cannot go beyond where your imagination will take you.  If you think small, then you limit your growth to small things.  If you think big, you can expand your territory and create more opportunities for you to pursue.  The price of a big dream, small dream, or no dream is the same - "Your Life".   Why not maximize your dreams and your potential to be prosperous and in good health.  You have the same amount of hours in a day to dream big or small.  We invest time in other folks' dreams by admiring them from close-up or afar.   Why not invest your time and energy in expanding your dreams.  Invest in You - You're Worth It!

Let's #GlowUp!

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Spill the Tea
Spill the Tea Photo.jpg

Did you know that when women are educated, healthy and empowered that they give a positive ripple effect?  This means that everyone and everything that is connected to them are empowered and enriched by their aura.  This positive impact reduces poverty and helps to stimulate the economy.  When people are empowered they are productive and innovative in their work and in their creativity.

Statistics show that when more women are in the workforce the economy grows.  But yet and still......women are still less confident about their financial future and financial independence than men.

Did you know that nearly 44% of women are the primary breadwinners in their household, but only 27% say that they have control of their personal finances and retirement planning?

Studies also show that women are less likely to save in their Employers 401K Plan, thus leaving all that money on the table that their employers are willing to match!  Now is the time for us to take control of our financial independence.  We have the power and the ability to do so.   In the next few days, I will share with you some pointers to help get you started.  Remember this, that God has given you the power to get wealth!  It's time to exercise our muscles and go after all that God has for us. It's time for our #financial glowup!



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The Habit of Saving

Hi All!


Let's start this year out right with developing a habit that will assure that you have financial independence in your life.    It's so simple to start, even if you just save a dollar a day.  Developing a saving habit allows you to be in control of  your money, instead of it controlling you.

Napoleon Hill in  his book the  "Law of Success", states that developing the habit of saving will teach you how to distribute your income systematically so that a definite percentage of it will steadily accumulate, thus forming one of the greatest known sources of personal power.  No one may succeed in life without saving money"!

Let's do this:  For the next 30 days, try to save a minimum of $25 a week.  You can have it  automatically  deducted from your paycheck through payroll deduction, or get a container in your home and put a minimum of $25 in it, do not remove it (act as if it isn't there).  In fact, keep it in an out of sight area, like a closet or drawer so that you  are not tempted to make a withdrawal.

Let me know how you did and then let's increase it for the next 30 days.  I can't wait to hear your success story.   Remember our  goal in 2018 is to #Glowup.

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Let's Transform into the Butterfly

It doesn't matter how you start, if  you stay the course and allow God to complete his work in you, you will transform from a worm into a beautiful butterfly.  God's grace will perfect  everything about you.  It's time for you to #GlowUp

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Passion for Your Purpose

You Have to Know Your Purpose, Develop a Plan and Execute It!

It doesn't matter who rejects, you or don't believe that you can do it.  Stay focused and know that God has given you the tools to achieve and accomplish your purpose.

Your future is waiting for you to fulfill it.  Stay the course, be not weary in well doing.



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