The Financial #GlowUp Soft Back Book

The Financial #GlowUp Soft Back Book


When it comes to financial and professional success, Wanda P. Bowman believes there are two key words. These words have nothing to do with financial terminology. Instead, they are “purpose” and “passion.” She wants these two important concepts to guide you as you come up with a life plan and start building up your personal finances. Without purpose or passion, it’s all meaningless.

Bowman hopes you keep these two words in mind as you work through this simple guide to personal finance and money management. The concepts and techniques she introduces can take you far on your own journey to success. With her guide, Bowman shows you the importance of

  • finding a job you love,
  • investing in yourself,
  • creating a budget,
  • divorcing your idea of success from others’,
  • seeking out alternate revenue streams,
  • paying off your credit card debt,
  • saving for retirement,
  • starting an emergency savings account, and
  • preparing for the future.

Bowman stresses how valuable independence is in your life. Her own goal was to create a retirement where she did not have to depend on social security. She used her creativity, vision, and passion to make that possible. Now she wants to show you how to do the same!





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